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When do I get paid?

FOUR CHECKS a month – sent on Monday for the period two weeks prior.

What is my payout percentage?

You get paid 80% of the monthly recurring revenue. For example: On a $29.95 Monthly Membership Fee, you earn $23.97 gross per Month for each Member!

How does this work?

Watch your revenue grow monthly as your website retains existing members every month who renew their membership to your website automatically.

The monthly profit potentials provided herein, are based upon the lifetime value of each member.

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On average, our Adult website owners get one new paying membership for every 200 – 300 visitors that visit their website tour pages. You’d be surprised how easy it can be to grow your traffic over time; most of our adult website owners are sending thousands of new visitors every day and reaping the rewards.

2nd Month

Retaining your members from 1st month = 60 members

Continuing to sign up just

2 members per day

2 members per day x 30 days =

60 new members for the month

120 clients x $29.95 subscription fee x 80% payout =

$2,875.20 Per Month

3rd Month

Retaining your clients from months 1 & 2 =120 members

Continuing to sign up just

2 members per day

2 members per day x 30 days =

60 new members for the month

180 memberss x $29.95 subscription fee x 80% payout =

$4,312.80 Per Month

4th Month

Retaining your clients from months 1 & 2 & 3 = 180 members

Continuing to sign up just

2 members per day

2 members per day x 30 days =

60 new members for the month

240 memberss x $29.95 subscription fee x 80% payout =

$5,750.40 Per Month

Disclaimer: The above example does not represent a guarantee of success, but is provided to assist you as determining the hypothetical potential for a profitable website business. Your results can vary either higher or lower based upon your advertising and promotional efforts as well as other outside
forces. Click here for earnings disclaimer.

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Question is, is There a Catch? For Example, Are There Hidden Fees? Will it Cost You a Fortune to Advertise?

No, not at all. You spend as much or as little as you want. You can work on any budget, even NO budget. Search engines and banner exchanges are generally free (some have express services for a marginal fee). Getting visitors from pay-per-click search engines like, can be aslow as10 cents per visitor!

Adult directories and banner exchanges are free, too. There are literally thousands of places on the web offering free adult advertising. There are also email newsletters. Adult Guaranteed Visitor Packages starting at around $189 for 10,000 visitors! Adult Search Engine Advertising
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68 of the internet’s leading adult top list sites websites that will link to your site and increase your traffic.

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30 red-hot, high click-thru banners that normally sell for hundreds of dollars if you had them designed for you… You get 3 different sizes to choose from 468X60, 80X400, 120X60.

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If you are the type of person that wants a full-time job who keeps trudging along, every single day, doing all the gruntwork and guesswork that’s involved in running a business,then NO… This is certainly NOT for you!

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Did You Hear the Adult website Game Was Dead?

What a myth! Do a search on the web, take a look at the back of adult magazines. What do you see? Adult websites! Do you think they would continually market their websites if they weren’t getting any kind of response?

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The #1 Online Business Opportunity

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Recent quotes about the Adult Website Business…

"US News & World Report" estimated that sex in America is an $2.5 billion per year industry; bigger than the motion picture or record industry.

"USA Today" reported that nearly one-third of all Internet users visit adult sites.

"CNN News" recently said that adult web sites are the most consistently profitable sector of the Internet.

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R. Johnson

- Robert Johnson – Toronto, Canada.

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Let Me Tell You Exactly How it Works…

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You do absolutely nothing, except promote your website. There are NO hidden costs. NO orders to process. NO merchant accounts to open. NOTHING. We bill all your members automatically when they sign up at your Adult website, and pay you weekly (four times a month!)

Quite simply, it’s
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All you should do is promote your website, and check your statistics online to make sure people are visiting and that’s it! You can work at your own pace, and your earnings are never restricted.Now, beat that!

As the website owner you will start receiving a recurring residual 80% commission of the monthly revenues your website generates!

For example, your members are given the option to join your Adult website with a 2 day trial at $2.95, (renews to monthly if not cancelled) or a monthly membership at $29.95 per month. You will earn 80% of all the membership fees that’s $23.96 per member, per month as well as the automatic renewals when your members
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Can Anything Go Wrong For You? Or say You Order

Your Adult website, Try it and Hate it… What’s Next?

Chargebacks (when people dispute a charge) are a big worry for most. Say you get a complaint that a someones doesn’t recognize a charge on their credit card. Or they claim it was without permission. If they ask for a chargeback, it wont affect you!

If a chargeback is requested and authorized, it is paid by us and handled by us.It no way affects your payments. If anyone loses out, it’s us, NOT you!

We take the risk
for you! Operating your Turnkey Adult website risk-FREE!

But what if you order, try it and hate it? It’s easy. If you have created a decent business from it, you can simply sell it as an ongoing business. After all, you own the Adult website! That’s it!

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What’s the Bottom Line? What do You Need?

You need nothing… In a technical sense. No experience either.

You get started with us by purchasing your Adult website and choosing any of the 10 adult website designs as well as an adult domain name for your site. In just 3 business days or less, we then send you an email with your NOTICE OF WEBSITE
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Then, bang, your in! It’s that easy!

You can then start
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In less than 3 business days you have your own heart-pounding, spine-tingling, moneymaking business that’s ready to pull you off life’s dreaded conveyor belt and start earning outrageous amounts of cash! You don’t need…

  • Experience to run it…

  • Special licenses to operate it…

  • Big cash injection to get it going…

  • Equipment to buy or lease…

  • A lot of time to spare…

  • An office to rent…

  • Or a staff to manage…

The reasons is, all the hard work is done for you… All of it! We’ve developed everything to get you started, have the skills necessary to take care of things, own the equipment needed to operate your line and run the service for you.

You just follow simple instructions and advice to succeed!

Truth is, you will be earning 80% on every new and renewing members of your adult website starting in less than 3 business days! Each week you will eceive your Adult website commission check without hardly doing a thing for it.

Do the math for the next 12 months. On average of 2 new members per day. How many members will join and renew in a year? Add that all up, and it’s agroundbreaking level of income for you! For earnings details, click here.

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